Problem: The world has gone digital, and while content creators have moved to using online platforms to reach their community, traditional publishers have fallen behind.

Creators are at the mercy of the platforms.  They don’t own their audience.  And traditional publishers don’t know how to help.  The creators who “make it” usually end up spending considerable time running their company and have precious little time to create.

Publishers exist to amplify content creators and empower them to create and build their brand. However, in an online world where traditional publishers fail, creators are left on their own.

Solution: The world needs a new type of publishing company. One that understands digital content, global audiences, and the value of connecting with your community.

Contour This is a Modern Publishing Company. We partner with content creators to capture and engage their audience, freeing them from the clutches of a specific platform.  We amplify content, build personal brands, create marketing, solicit endorsements, and manage the business side empowering our partners to focus on creating and connecting with their community.